Shamanic Soul Coach

Healing Your World. Ceremony for Life.

Healing and Celebration

for our bodies, souls, and the land.

As a Shamanic Practitioner I do three things:

I also teach courses in self-healing through Hedge Shamanism.

Why heal with Shamanism?


  • you can heal and take back your own power.
  • you can heal your home, premises and land and thrive in your environment.
  • life can be a celebration.

What is Shamanism?

It is a name for the old core beliefs of indigenous peoples across the world. A Shaman works on behalf of their community to help with healing of people and the land and divination.

What does a Shamanic Practitioner do?

Works with the tools of Shaman to heal people and the land.

What do Shamanic Practitioners believe?

  • Everything has a spirit.
  • Everything is connected – there is a web of life.
  • Humans should honour the natural world and the earth
  • We should honour our ancestors and work with them.

How do Shamanic Practitioners Work?

Shamanic Practitioners gain information, advice and insight from Spirit to help learn how to heal others, themselves and their land. They “journey” to other parallel worlds and use other tools such as ceremony and divination to learn what to do from Spirit.

What is Hedge Shamanism?

In England we have no native Shaman with direct traditions going back to the ancient times. Hedge Shamanism is a path that I have developed as I learned Shamanic Practice as an apprentice to others who have trained with indigenous peoples and with Universalist traditions. It is firmly set in the context of the Western Europe – the world I am part of. 

How do we know what to do?

Spirit communicates directly with us. Spirit usually speaks in metaphor which we need to learn how to interpret. We have helping spirits – Power Animals and Teachers in Human Form.


I work with Spirit to identify what healing techniques will bring most benefits. All healings include illumination and cleansing and will include other methods such as extraction, cord cutting or soul retrieval. You will leave after a healing with your own power restored and fully protected.

What happens in a healing session?

I work on three main areas:

  • trauma with techniques such as soul retrieval or lost body parts,
  • relationships with techniques such as cord cutting
  • physical or mental health

A healing session will start with a very brief history and consent. You will then lie or sit while I work with Spirit. At the end of a session, I usually teach you a technique to help you to move on with your life. After any session there will be a period of integration which will take up to two weeks.

If you would like a healing, please contact me.

Healing Land – Your home, premises or land

Sometimes we know that there is a bad atmosphere in our home or workplace. It may be possible for me to teach you how to resolve the problem yourself. I will normally do an initial consultation on Zoom and, if possible, I will teach you how to safely cleanse your own space. However other times there may be something that will need more work from me as a Shamanic Practitioner. I usually come to the premises to complete this work.


Shamanic Ceremony is used for many purposes. I conduct fire ceremony and despachio: to bless a new home or marriage, ask for healing, support or manifest change, celebrate the life of someone who has passed etc

I can conduct a fire ceremony in peoples gardens and in suitable private woodland where it is safe and legal to have a fire. I can complete despachios almost anywhere such as the seaside, the countryside or at ancient sites.

The Occasions I conduct Ceremony?

I conduct Ceremony for a huge variety of occasions and reasons:

  • Rites of Passage – Marriage, Anniversaries and Passing,
  • Welcome to a new home
  • Prayers for healing or thanks for healing,
  • Celebrating different times of the year e.g., Solstice or Yule
  • Etc. etc. etc.

Where do I conduct ceremony?

I will conduct ceremony wherever it is needed not just in South-East London where I am based.

I particularly like to work on the old sites and have conducted Despachio ceremony on Stonehenge, Evora (Portugal), Avebury, The Hurlers and Rollwright Stone and my nearest location the Coldrum stones in Kent among others. I also conduct them in gardens, woods and on beaches.

What happens?


These sacred events vary depending on their purpose.

They are in two parts.

  • Firstly, we make a bundle which consists of a huge variety of symbolic offerings
  • Secondly, we either burn, bury, or offer the bundle to water.

The two halves of the ceremony may be separated, sometimes by a few weeks.

Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony can include song, drumming, dancing, storytelling, prayer, invocation, giving our troubles to the fire, cooking marshmallows. What we do will depend on the occasion and often include all of these.  Through working with the sacred fire, we can gain insight through the veil. I love fire ceremony!


I conduct Ceremony for weddings. Often this would be a Handfasting followed by a Despachio. The Despachio could then be offered by being burned on a sacred fire, buried often under a plant, or offered to the sea or a river.  I work with the couple to identify what they want for this special occasion.

What next?

If you would like me to conduct a ceremony, I will work with you to plan the details for your day. The cost depends on the nature of the ceremony and where it is to be conducted.   If you would like me to conduct a ceremony, then please contact me.


“Sarah is a highly intuitive healer with a powerful spirit and a beautiful heart. I felt protected and cared for. She creates a completely safe space in which healing can happen. I fully trust her integrity, intention and guidance.”

Veronika from Streatham

“It has always been a real pleasure to visit Sarah. Her sessions have been very rewarding and grounding with positive results. I always leave the session feeling calm and set up with a spiritual tool kit, ready to face the world. She has a calm, positive and creative approach with a generous spirit. I would highly recommend Sarah as a healer. Thank you!”

Giselle from Islington

“All the religious ceremonies I’ve attended before have been Christian this Despachio Ceremony was something very special to me.”

Alison from Kent

“If you are looking for someone to complete a Shamanic cleanse of your home or other premises I would definitely suggest Sarah.”

Dan from Forest Hill

Contact Me

If you have any questions or wish to chat about my courses, please get in touch.


I am a Shamanic Practitioner. I am not a doctor, psychotherapist, or other registered professional. Any advice, healing, or teaching at a workshop, is offered to supplement medical or other conventional treatment. Please consult your doctor or other health care professional for any physical or psychological conditions you may be experiencing.